Soraedge Premium Blogger Template Download Free - Techyatra

Soraedge Premium Blogger Template Download Free - Techyatra

Soraedge is a Unique Premium blogger template designed by Soratemplates. Mainly Soraedge Templates is designed for the News website. Soraedge blogger templates is looking stylish, clean, and elegant Blogspot Design Theme. You can customize Soraedge premium blogger templates in an easy way like his Mamu bar, footer bar, or more things thank can you change your template design easily.

This Premium blogger template is designed for Technology, recipes, travel, and other Niches website. If your use Soraedge blogger templates then your website is getting a professional look.

Soraedge Blogger Templates is Mobile friendly Blogspot templates and you can set Adsense ads easily without any problem. The Soraedge blogger template speed is +95  with SEO Friendly website.

Soraedge Blogger Template Features

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • SEO Friendly Theme
  • Ads customized
  • Social Bookmark Ready
  • Drop Down Menu
  • AMP
  • Social Bookmark Ready
  • Drop Down menu
  • Fast Loading
  • 1 Column, 2 Columns, 3 Columns, 4 Columns
  • WordPress Themes Looks
  • 3D Style
  • Clean Modern

Soraedge Premium Blogger Template

The homepage image is set to take up the entire width of the page of the Soraedge Premium Blogger Template. You’ll notice that we have a background color on top of the header, which is a nice touch if you want to make sure that the user knows right away what they’re looking at.

Soraedge theme uses a header that is different than our theme's default, which is great if you're trying to create a unique look for your blog. However, some people may not like the way it looks, so we've added a little bit of custom CSS so you can change how it looks. 3. Featured Image

Instead of using the standard featured image, we decided to go with a square version of our logo instead. We then added a caption above it that says “Cannabis Cultivation Guide”.

This section contains links to our social media profiles. By adding these, readers will automatically get updates about any new posts we publish on our site.

Our category list displays all of the categories we have created. This help organizes content on our site and aid in navigating the site as well.

Disclaimer:  We cannot provide any Premium crack theme on this website we can just provide you for a Free version of the theme.

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